Exceptional Families Interest


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Mariners is a neuro-diverse community. Our mission is to inspire people to follow Jesus and fearlessly change the world, and that includes families impacted by disabilities.

We have exceptional families in all ministries of our church and we are so grateful that God continues to bring more and more exceptional families to our congregation.

We recognize the need for support so exceptional families can fully participate and be successful in their spiritual journey- to Follow Jesus, Grow Together, Serve One Another, and Change the World. We are grateful for all the volunteers eager to lean in and support our exceptional families- to welcome, engage, and integrate our children, youth, and adults to many amazing ministries of Mariners.

If you are an exceptional family, we are so glad that you are here!
If you are a volunteer wanting to serve, we are so glad that you are here!

We invite you to join this incredible journey, as God uses His people of diversity for His Kingdom.